The Indian army in action mode after failure last commander levels meeting, and the very powerful deployment of Indian air force China is shocked.

To the report Indian fighter jet Rafael, mig 29, Apache helicopter, Chinook helicopter, sukhoi 30mki,sukhoi 35,mirage 2000,SU30,C17 Globemaster, Jaguar the game changer Extra. From the deployment of line of actual control China’s senses have going to be flown.

On the other side China also deployed more fighter jet’s like J20,J10,J11,H6 bombers, but they have not been combat tested yet and this is it the reason of Chinese frustration.

The Indian army is more operationally ready than China,and the matter of mountain warfare the Indian army is number 1 in the world. Said that high level general of P,L,A!

The activities and deployments of arms on both sides, something is going to be wondering in line of actual control, and to the counter attack Indian army is ready at any cost at any time for the sovereignty of India.

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