Between India and China tension PLA hears war playing siren,first front of 3rd world war possibility of exit from (ladakh) the border of India.

Due to failure of last core commander meeting in (Moldo) between India and China “peoples libration army” has declared war in a way by playing siren. Now there is possibility of war erupting at any time.

According to the report at the time China was drilling war in ladakh,same time Indian fighter jet Rafael flew for fuel tasting and the Rafael passed there,China though that India was going to attack,and suddenly PLA put the army on red alert mode without losing time (face to face collision) “this is the main reason of China react about india.other way by playing fack videos China was trying to intimidate America and his aliens( India) till now,but at the current date his escape plan is truly impossible.

Playing siren means is the same as started a war and November 1 to 15 China’s deadline is being considered. In the situation India and his aliens can take some big steps against China at any time? have a great day my friends.

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